The Authors Podcast

Authors Podcast - Episode 9 - Kim Wymer

October 31, 2017

Kim Wymer is a Positive Empowerment Coach, Author & Speaker. In childhood she had been the class mouse, never daring to raise a hand or bring any attention to herself. She only wanted to pass through school unnoticed, smoke cigarettes in the school toilets and bunk off class. Kim never knew why she was so unconfident, why she’d rather die than stand up in front of a class of people and give a presentation, the only thing she knew was that she didn’t know what she wanted.

Having grown up punk in East London, married at twenty and working a job she hated, things weren’t looking too bright for Kim as she entered midlife. With one divorce, a failed relationship and a nasty drinking habit under her belt she knew that things for her had to change before her life collapsed under the weight of all the mistakes she’d made so far. It wasn’t until she received a package from her sister in Australia that she began to think there was more to this life than what she’d been doing so far. The package contained The Secret, and as she began to delve deeper into the world of positive thinking Kim realised how much of an impact she’d had on the things she’d experienced in my life so far, and what she needed to do in order to change that. But where do you start when you’re a single parent with no money, a crap job and a lifetime of bad habits to undo?

Kim started writing in 2011, feeling lonely and left alone with her thoughts, the only way she could get all of these issues off her chest was to write them down. She didn’t know at the time that her diary entries would provide the material for her first book Out of the Shadows.

“A frank, sincere and inspirational story of transformation.” - Sue Stone, The Sue Stone Foundation

“I couldn’t put the book down. It is honest and real. It resonated with me and I know you will relate to it too.” - Karin Ridgers, VeggieVision TV

Kim can be contacted on Twitter @EmpoweringKim

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