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Authors Podcast - Episode 20 - Nels Abbey

October 25, 2019

Think Like A White Man is a bold, sharp satirical self-help book, which skewers the prejudices of the modern day British workplace by explaining the rules by which mediocre white men continue to get ahead. Told through both the voice of writer Nels Abbey and that of the (fictional) distinguished Professor of White People Studies at Bishop Lamonthood University, Dr Boulé Whytelaw III, this is a brilliantly funny book with a very serious point behind it. 

Nels Abbey is a British-Nigerian writer, who was inspired to write Think Like A White Man by his direct experience of trying to build a career in white-dominated areas – first in finance and later in the media. This is his first book, though his work also appears in the recently-published anthology, Safe. He is based in London, and available for press and events.

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