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Authors Podcast - Episode 19 - Ebony Gayle

September 30, 2019

Ebony Gayle is an author, speaker and advocate for independence, entrepreneurship and helping others to escape the rat race and follow their dreams. She is an accredited PR and communications specialist, with well over a 14 year’s experience advising, overseeing and implementing PR and marketing communication campaigns and strategies.  She has worked across a variety of industries including, entrepreneurs, new start-ups, health and social care, fitness & leisure, education and entertainment.

Ebony previously worked in-house where she headed up a PR team, before starting her own business and founded Ebony Gayle Communications working as an independent consultant with clients in the UK and abroad. Ebony is the author of the no-nonsense self help guide – How to become a consultant: a guide to free yourself from the 9-5 and recently set up a platform to help unhappy professionals escape the 9-5 and follow their passion.

Ebony also has previously worked as a radio producer and was a regular contributing writer and producer for the 5x award winning Inspire LS magazine. She is a committee member for Women in PR UK and the co-founder of the CIPR independent and freelance Network for PR and communication professionals. She is a published author of the no-nonsense self-help guide - How To Become A Consultant: A Guide To Free Yourself From The 9-5’.

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