The Authors Podcast

Authors Podcast - Episode 18 - Esther Jacob

November 10, 2018

Esther Jacob is a motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur of Authentic Worth, YouTuber, and Author of two books. Esther has a strong desire to support and encourage men and women to break out of their comfort zones and embrace who they are. In a world where identity is based on how society is perceived, Esther is determined to work with young adults who feel there is no value or purpose to life, and to use their gifts as a tool to inspire others. Esther believes that everyone has a special gift that comes with relentless effort and a strong praying momentum. She pursues God in all areas of her life and enjoys sharing her testimony of how the Faith kept her going in third year of university. Esther also enjoys fashion, travelling and events management. 


  1. It’s Time to Heal -
  2. Completion: From the Perspective of Brokenness -
  3. From Glory to Glory: Great Beauty in Seasons of Pain - Strong At Broken Places –



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