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Authors Podcast - Episode 10 - Karen Gee

November 14, 2017

Karen Gee is the author of the successful Dodger Dog book series. The first book How I became Dodger The Dog  - is about his rescue story. Dodger is a real dog, a ball breed staffy. The second book is Dodger Dogs Muddy Mistake. The third in the series is about Shays adoption story. (A book about disability). The 4th book is Dodger Dogs Christmas Message (which is about not to give pets as a present) and the 5th book is Dodger Dog at the caravan - which covers the beach code and the importance of picking up your litter. All the books have an educational message behind them which are suitable for children to learn from and Ofsted approve. The 6th book is where Dodger Dog Gets A Job and he meets other dogs who work - guide dogs, bomb disposal dogs, sledge dogs.

Karen shares her writing tips, where she found her inspiration from, how she found her illustrator and future ideas for the series. More about Dodger The Dog can be found at and you can email her at and tweet at @ilovedodgerdog.

How I became Dodger The Dog: 

Dodger Dogs Muddy Mistake:

Dodger Dog Meets Shea: 

Dodger Dog's Christmas Message:

Dodger Dog at the Caravan:

Dodger Dog Says "No!" to Bullying

Dodger Dog  Learns Something New:

Dodger Dog Loves the Oceans:

Dodger Dog's Festive Fun:

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