Authors Podcast - Episode 5 - Leah Salmon

May 29, 2017

Leah Salmon The Naturally You Coach is a bestselling author of 6 books, speaker and nurturing and supportive nutritionist & life coach to black women and mothers. She helps them to eat, think and live in a way that create natural health, happiness and harmony in their life, using healthy eating, natural remedies and life coaching. As the founder of The Naturally You Day, Leah’s Raw Food Feast workshops, editor of Naturally You Magazine and a regular speaker on natural health and wellness, Leah’s committed to helping 10,000 black women a month becoming naturally healthy by 2020.



Authors Podcast - Episode 4 - Winsome Duncan

May 12, 2017

Winsome Duncan is an award winning Social Entrepreneur. She has over two decades of experience teaching workshops to disaffected, young people at risk.  Winsome is passionate about empowering people in the wider community to access opportunities and develop the necessary skills to enhance their socio-economic outcomes. She's the author of several books including: 100 Ways To Conquer The Credit Crunch. For more information visit: and


Authors Podcast - Episode 3 - Daniella Blechner

May 5, 2017

Daniella Blechner is Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing, Bestselling Author (Mr. Wrong) and Book Journey Mentor who is passionate about inspiring and empowering authors to transform their stories, messages and powerful journeys into books of impact and influence. See: for more info as well as 



Authors Podcast - Episode 2 - Bebe Clement

April 27, 2017

Lisa Newton interviews Bebe Clement. We talk about Bebe's book 'From Employee to Entrepreneur', how she managed to write it and her tips for aspiring authors.

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Authors Podcast - Episode 1 - Simbo Nuga

April 18, 2017

In the first ever episode of the Authors Podcast (hosted by Lisa Newton), Lisa interviews Simbo Nuga. We talk about how Simbo got her first publishing deal with Hodder & Stoughton, ways to market your book when you self publish & writing tips.

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